“I wanted to take the time to express all the good that I have received from being apart of Bridges Alliance of Johnson County.  I am currently off work as a result of having 2 surgeries last year.  A year prior to that my husband and I became separated. This was really a time of brokenness in my life. Coming to Bridges gave me a since of confidence to believe in myself.  I now have a voice instead of feeling insecure or unworthy.  It is so very important to have that circle of support during your time of need. Bridges has given me much of that for which I am so very thankful.  I am now attending Ivy Tech Community College after being out of school for 30 plus years.  I am maintaining good grades and feeling very confident in setting and completing my goals.  I am so very grateful for having this opportunity to be a part of this experience of helping to enhance the gifts that are within me.  More importantly, I look forward to giving back, when I’m blessed to do so.  Our motto is to eliminate poverty in our community, I am so looking forward to being apart of reaching back to help someone along their way.” – Jennifer P.


“I connected with Circles USA almost 8 years ago when I went through one of the “Getting Ahead” classes. It gave me hope in so many ways. Over the years I developed self-confidence, the ability to set limits, and to grow in many big ways. Today, I am a Circle facilitator, an active member of the Leadership Team, and can’t wait each week to our community meetings and meals. Everyone feels like family. Circles works, and I am so grateful for it!” – Cindy W.

“Circles was the beginning of the rest of my life.  It gave me hope.  Circles helped me discover my voice.  I was able to get back on track.  It helped me face the tyranny of the moment without fear.  Now I advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors.” – Maxine T.